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Feature wall fireplace

This project is a perfect example of the level of service and quality of work my clients have come to expect from me. If you’re looking for an established House venetian  plaster installer with the skills and know-how to tackle any job, please get in touch.

Accent wall in marmorino and color wash

In this project I use Marmorino in 2 layers to achieve the desired design.  After I customize the color with a special patina and color wash it. In the end everything was sealed with a special plaster for natural mineral finish. 

Polished marble/stone replica

White marmorino finds its place in any type of interior.For this fireplace the marmorino has been polished as much as possible to obtain a marble / stone effect.The design is reminiscent of the walls that can be found in 16th / 17th century villas in Italy.Luxury, elegance and simplicity in one piece.La Dolce Vita.

Concrete look

In this project I used a finish to achieve the concrete look request from the costumer. No joints one solid pice perfectly smooth and polished. Customized color.

Perfect smooth grey fireplace 

Working around existing shelf I cover this fireplace in a grey smooth finish down to the floor, no baseboards need it.

Fireplace feature wall

This fireplace feature wall made on a skip trowel design with materials that gives soft cloudy effect color wash in customize color and seal it.

Hood range, fireplace and wine cellar wall

For this project I macth design and color to match the hood range the fireplace and the wine cellar wall in this luxury open space.

Fireplace wall unit

This project take little bit of time to achieve this design made in 3 layers to achieve a little bumpy surface to reach the costumer required design.  


This fireplace is made in a natural white color smooth and polished. This design can find its place in every house. 

Accent concrete 

This fireplace is designed to achieve an accent concrete look for the family room in the basement house.

Kitchen hood range 

After looking various materials to make this hood range done the costumer follows in love with this mineral finish in a white natural color in a minimalist design. 

Samples and design 

Here few of the design that can be done.

14 feet fireplace in Sylvan Lake

For this project I used Marmorino ks for the design and I customize the fase silossanica patina for the color wash. Try to find always what the customer want is my mission.Really nice fireplace for a front lake new house in Sylvan Lake, AB.

New life for an old metal stair holder 

In this project I give new life to and old black metal stairs handholding.  After take care at the old metal I used verderame fondo a special copper paint that can be oxidized whit a special activetor. This give a real copper oxydation effect.  This paint can be applied on almost any surface ( metal, wood, painted drywall and off course all my mineral plasters) .Very distinctive. 

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