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Venetian plaster  Calgary.Alberta plasterworkDesing wall

Thanks to this natural mineral plaster from Italy we are here to help you customize your walls or ceilings in the design and color you want. If you don't have an idea yet, we're here to help you find your solution, working with you or your designer we can find the ideal solution for your home. Always looking for new materials and new textures to reach the wall of your dreams. The only limit is the sky.
Venetian plaster Calgary.Plasterwork Alberta.Wall design. #calgary  #venetianplaster #mineralfinish #alberta #wall #plaster #desing #marmorino #teavertine

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Venetian plaster Calgary 

All our products are natural lime plaster with mineral ( marble, clay, quartz) powder dust inside.These products are import from Italy, to give you a luxury personalized design. Install a piece of art in your home, your wall will be the canvas.

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